• For An Effective Mobile Strategy

    Tune Your Information

    An unfortunate fact⎯employees spend large amounts of time re-creating information. Organizations and customers need to make informed decisions. A maze of systems, sources, sites, and repositories where the right information to support decision-making may be stored present unending challenges.

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  • Find instead of Search


    The current search display paradigm of long lists does not work in the present day. There is far too much data crammed into smaller and smaller screens. While the search algorithms are becoming more sophisticated, the way results are displayed simply don’t work with the devices of today.

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  • REST

    Avoid REST Implementation Failure

    Poorly implemented REST strategies cost companies millions to maintain and decommission. Each failed REST implementation moves REST further down the path to obsolescence. To avoid REST implementation failure, management and developers must return to REST philosophy basics.

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Find Instead of Search

Life is Not Linear. Why Is your mobile experience? There is a reason it is becoming more challenging to generate […]

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The Art of Under Promising and Over Delivering

According to the McKinsey/Oxford study half of IT projects with budgets of over $15 million dollars run 45% over budget, […]

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REST Due Diligence Guidelines and Checklist

Practical guidelines and a comprehensive checklist help to keep a team’s focus on best practices and tasks, which are important […]

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Value Proposition

Listening to what clients want, delivering what clients need in the areas of management strategy, technology solutions, and technical and corporate writing.

Global is local. Taliferro will help your company create the sustainable value needed to be competitive. Our global view of business and technology encompasses the necessary knowledge and expertise that will enhance any size business.

API Counseling

API Counseling

Counseling and guidance on proper API development for higher developer adoption.

Business Processes

Business Processes

Years of experience and industry knowledge in proper processes that improve productivity and scalability.

Mobile Strategy

Mobile Strategy

A next-generation mobile strategy considers your employees, consumers, partners, competitors, and business processes. Let's align your organization's goals with a long term mobile strategy that is effective across multiple devices and platforms and takes into account governance, risk, and security factors.



Use the Scrum Agile framework to optimize team processes and interactions for complex projects. No matter the type of project Scrum practices and principles help achieve goals faster and allows for frequent feedback resulting in continuous improvement and adaptability. The benefits of Scrum are clear when accurately implemented with the support of all stakeholders. The focus is on nurturing self-governing teams that deliver while transforming the collaborative process.

Software Integration

Software Integration

Software integration is as important now than at any time in technologies short history. Take advantage of our expertise.

Technical Writing

Technical Writing

A variety of technical writing services are available to meet your company's needs from white-papers, documentation, help guides and more. Our subject matter experts help your organization clearly communicate complex or simple topics.

Robert Turley

CIO / The Sunflower Group

Ty has excellent managerial experience in software development. Strong organizational, leadership, and strategic skills with a focus on bringing new products to market. Thinks out-of-the-box in formulating new product ideas that match identified needs in the market. Progressive with cutting edge knowledge. Uses tailored processes to meet business objectives. Has deep experience in project direction, with a reputation for saving troubled projects and setting priorities, reorganizing efforts, and surpassing goals.

Juan Manuel Zambrano

Head of Digital Marketing / Life Extension

Booker is an outstanding individual to work with. He is the utmost professional person and offers a lot of out of the box ideas to drive business. His is a vital asset to any IT group for his knowledge and broad portfolio. At Carmel Management, for the period that Booker lead the IT unit, he helped increase business significantly, and developed a creative online platform to convert sales. He is very hands on and has a great deal of ownership for his work. His understanding of IT architecture and development made him an assets to the Carmel Management team. I would enthusiastically recommend Booker Showers as IT professional.

Robert Servranckx

Senior Project Manager / SMITH (Formerly Cactus Commerce)

I worked with Ty for many months on a very large and complex multi-company e-commerce project. Ty had the challenging task of being one of the Project Manager for feature teams staffed by members of my company and other consulting firms. Needless to say, due to the politics and interaction between the many companies, this task was not easy. Ty's showed great composure and the ability to stay calm under pressure. He knew when the right time was to speak up or stay quiet. Ty outlasted all other PMs from his company who were placed in the same position, and this speaks highly to his ability to adapt to difficult and high-stress situations. Ty's attention to detail and work ethics are excellent, and I have no hesitation in recommending him based on my interactions with him.

Leslie Turkson

Managing Director at Accenture / Accenture

Booker is an accomplished software architect with excellent interpersonal and client facing skills. Booker can be counted upon to architect and deliver complex software applications and has the requisite project management and leadership skills to lead application teams.

Stephen Miller

Director, Software Architecture at AT&T Mobility / AT&T

Ty establishes an excellent environment of collaboration and results. He does this whether he is leading or contributing to the effort at hand. His broad background and deep experiences provide foundation to his perspectives and the team, and allow for excellent results to be achieved.