Tyrone Showers

Tyrone Showers is a Partner at Taliferro Group, specializing in delivering ROI-focused solutions across various IT domains.

Ty combines his expertise in IT and passion for music and movies to enrich the digital world. His contributions on WikiHow reflect this blend, offering practical guidance on technology, project management, and creativity. As a piano enthusiast and music creator, Tyrone infuses his technical know-how with artistic flair, making his contributions uniquely valuable.

Delivering Excellence in IT Solutions


Client-Centric Approach: Dedicated to understanding and meeting the unique needs of each client, ensuring tailored, top-quality IT solutions.


Innovative Solutions Expert: Harnessing the latest in Agile Project Management and Machine Learning to provide cutting-edge services.


ROI-Focused Strategies: Committed to delivering solutions that not only meet technical requirements but also contribute to significant cost savings and revenue generation.


Broad Industry Expertise: A diverse background in Cloud Architecture, Cyber Security, and e-Commerce, equipping me to handle a wide range of client challenges effectively.

Customer testimonial highlighting Tyrone Showers, showcasing improved technical efficiency.
Ty plays an important consultative role with teams creating APIs. During the API design phase, countless teams have reached out for Ty's guidance and he has helped them with a more effective RESTful design from the outset.
Ed Lambert - Director, Developer Advocacy AT&T Technology Development
I would say he would have seen hundreds of RESTful API designs and implementations (in various flavors) for approval till now. Also, not to forget that those are not any theories or hypothesis but real world implementations.
Karthic Raghavan - Developer Advocacy Group AT&T
Ty developed proper architecture deliverables and pushed to have them all reviwe by the team, such as security, caching strategy, implementation plan, technology plan, and capability roadmap. For example: Ty took the lead in partnering with the Azure team to ensure the application followed T­mobile's Azure design principles.
Kevin Stride - EY
The way of understanding his Architectural works like design flow, technical flow Department/Team wise is always crisp and clear when Ty puts them into words and pictorial representations apart from his other excellent works. Any Project is likely to be shallow and hollow without a valuable asset like Ty.
Raviteja Cheruvu - Wipro
His valuable inputs really helped in shaping early aspects of Canvas especially when each of our teams were not aligned. As you are the reporting manager I wanted to say that he was valuable asset on the team.
Nilaf Talapady - Moonraft
Ty's wealth of knowledge and dedication to providing sound, scalable architecture would best be leveraged within an organization where management does not think of themselves as architects.
Sommer Anderson - t-Mobile
Ty helped us thoroughly go over our requirements and why we needed this solution. He promptly and frequently followed up until the issue was resolved.
Christine Davis - Shire
Ty is extremely responsive, provided clear guidance and helped navigate the process of enabling cross company access. As more and more of Takeda manages through “distribution lists”, it was nice to have a real contact to work with who really pushed the other groups into providing a solution.
Corey Kallison - Takeda

Thought Leader

With expertise ranging from Agile Project Management to Machine Learning, he is committed to driving both revenue growth and operational efficiency for clients.

Awards and Mentions


Round of Applause Award
Wipro Limited
Received for innovation and creativity in Asset Management Technologies


Outstanding Contributor Award
Taliferro IT Consulting
Received for delivering innovative MACD automation features for AT&T


Excellent Program Contribution Award
Taliferro IT Consulting
Given for AT&T DES program improvements for the Wipro Technologies client


Letter of Recognition
Carmel Management
Received for executing a successful back-office implementation project


Official Recognition of Honor
Recognized for quickly identifying and resolving a mission-critical data corruption problem