Project Management and Productivity Tips

Project Management and Productivity TipsCommitment to effective project management must begin at the top. Head management must demonstrate a serious commitment to project management and productivity by requiring staff to input their time into project and time management systems. A mandate for all management levels to work within the same environment creates a real time view of a business.

Establish and Set Goals

A mission statement backed by clear direction is important to foster collective responsibility toward achieving organizational goals. Working within an open environment promotes accountability. Using real time functionality makes monitoring progress easier while striving to achieve goals.

Time management is important for accomplishing tasks and satisfying customers. Effective time management increases productivity. A happy customer leads to more sales.

Encourage Input and Activity Assignment

Give staff approval for offering ideas and assigning activities or reminders to others. Team members who do the work are in the best position to identify and suggest alternate courses of action. An online activity manager program provides real time snapshots of a company’s internal workings.

Acknowledge Accomplishments

Inspire confidence and nurture staff loyalty by rewarding hard work and clearly communicate slacking is not tolerated. Periodically, acknowledge the accomplishments of all staff who meet company expectations. Management can use the tips described to maintain a motivated staff to continue effective time management behavior.

Create a Meeting Agenda and Stick To It

Management should take time to write an agenda for each meeting to prevent deviation from the meeting’s purpose. If meetings are held on certain days of the week, remain consistent by setting a pre-determined time on the same day each week. Repeatedly changing meeting times creates confusion and reduces effectiveness. By holding meetings at the same time on the same day, everyone can plan ahead and attend prepared.

Reduce Meetings

Hold a meeting when absolutely necessary. Track activity or task status systematically instead of through the inefficient waste of time, money, and resources that typical meetings have become. The use of an effective activity or task management system used by staff, and top management saves companies hundreds of hours in lost productivity.

By following the tips in this article, you can ensure your company’s time will be effectively spent. Both staff and management will avoid the frustration that arises when objectives are not completed and no one is aware until a crisis develops.