Understanding Service Mediation


Mediation is a metaphor used to describe brokering service capabilities.  A skilled developer can build a mediation model on top of any provider’s software to deliver services in a controlled and efficient manner.

What problem does mediation solve?

Customers want access to company services. When customers sign up for a service via a website the customer does not like to wait to use the service.  Additionally, when a customer signs up for several services at once they usually want immediate access to the services.

Suppose the following services are provided by a company⎯audio streaming, online billing, content downloading, self service support, and 3rd party apps.  Each of the services has its own infrastructure and are managed by different departments.  How can  customers gain access to multiple services immediately after they sign up?  Service Mediation.

Service mediation is the mechanism used to stitch together various system services and present to a customer one unified service.

However, service mediation is not limited to internal infrastructure type services accessible to customers. Service mediation also applies to REST resources a company wants to make available to internal and external developers.

Understanding Service Mediation

Services are composite functions built by combining multiple Factory Assistants.  A composite service consists of services drawn from several different factories. The components may be individual services, functions from within other applications, or entire systems.

Mediator provides centralized Business Support by integrating process flows and business logic. Main also provides synergy across services, users, and subscriptions. Moreover, this synergy is dynamically created, configured, and provisioned by using a set of profile definitions and policies.

Sentry is the access point. Software on this layer provides security to USM capabilities from a user interface.

Factory assistants generally provide a set of building blocks common to all services.


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