Taliferro IT Consulting Spaces Out

What do you know about the following companies –

Virgin Galactic ✪ Planetary Resources ✪ Altius Space Machines ✪
Blue Marble Exploration ✪ Golden Spike?

The companies mentioned are pioneering suborbital space travel, space exploration, and other nontraditional expeditions. Coming soon is a growing space economy that will require companies to extend information technology to space or miss emerging opportunities for innovation, growth, and profits over the long term.

What better way to expand your information technology infrastructure than to an enterprise space management system. Imagine an infrastructure that manages your retail and/or operations suborbital, in orbit, or eventually on another planet. The next generation in commerce requires companies to develop capabilities that will process data, and convert data into meaningful use in space.

Taliferro’s core competency is mobile strategy. Our expertise and experience can help companies develop enterprise space management systems in the new commercial frontier.

Basic questions we will help your strategic development team explore…

  • How do we prepare our technology to operate in space?
  • How do we move our information technology into space?
  • How do we make our technology adaptable in space?
  • How do we provide space travel services?

We are broadening our landscape from the telecommunication and transportation industries to the next phase of IT evolution that fits perfectly within our mobile strategy expertise:

  • Distributed systems
  • SaaS
  • Cloud computing
  • System optimization

We will help your company develop a clear flight plan that diversifies your IT portfolio for the future.

Taliferro IT Consulting is a proud Bronze Sponsor of the MIT Enterprise Forum NorthWest “Space: Are We There Yet – Tourists, Entrepreneurs, & Miners in Orbit” panel discussion at the Museum of Flight, Seattle on September 16, 2013.