Find Instead of Search

Life is Not Linear. Why Is your mobile experience?

There is a reason it is becoming more challenging to generate steadily increasing technology revenue. With a plethora of systems available and a superabundance of information, the mobile user experience is not in alignment with OSS/BSS systems. Regardless of how sophisticated modern day platforms have become, reliance on the old desktop user experience is reaching its limits. How people use data is not in alignment with current systems.

It’s time for a new paradigm! One that exponentially improves technology ROI.

Today’s long list search display paradigm does not work nor does it provide a pleasant user experience. Too much data is crammed into small screens. While search algorithms are becoming more sophisticated, the way results display simply are not optimized for current mobile devices. Not only does this old model leave the user out of the equation, but also heavily relies on algorithms to do all the work. By giving users more control via how they search, by allowing them to provide context, search results can dramatically improve. Context is critical in honing down a search to exactly find what you want.

Search companies know the list model is broken. Some search engines, for example, try to improve search by providing website images within search lists. While this is helpful, we are still operating from the old search list paradigm – but only adding some visuals. To transform search, the idea is not to do the same thing only better, but to think entirely different about how to search. With mobile device users growing, most would agree that the list model has become inefficient and cumbersome.

Our approach is different!

Our upcoming platform effortlessly cascades multiple levels of context and allows users to hone down their search to specific, useful information quickly. By providing multiple levels of context via a dynamic, visual display for mobile devices, users control how deep they want to go, and the results are highly personalized.

Stay tuned for more information on this revolutionary way to “find” instead of “search.” The world’s 1st “Find” platform.